Here are some useful web resources that we’ve gathered over our user group meetings.

  1. (First) IBM POWER Vec Lib

    POWER vector intrinsic functions

  2. (Second) IBM POWER Vec Lib

    Header files that contain useful functions leveraging the PowerISA Vector Facilities: Vector Multimedia Extension (VMX AKA Altivec) and Vector Scalar Extention (VSX).

  3. veclib

    Vector library for porting SSE2 instructions to other architectures

  4. Porting x86 vector intrinsics code to Linux on Power in a hurry

    “So you have a C/C++ application running on Linux on x86 and you want to quickly port it to Linux on POWER? Read on.”

  5. The IBM Software Development Kit for Linux on Power (SDK)

    Tools to enhance the porting, optimizing, analysis, and tuning of applications and libraries for Linux on Power

  6. Find open source packages built for IBM Power

    Search for open source packages that run on the IBM POWER architecture (ppc64le)

  7. Porting x86 Linux applications to IBM POWER

    “The definitive how-to guide” to porting x86 Linux applications to IBM POWER

  8. The Migration Advisor

    The Migration Advisor helps on moving Linux applications to Power Systems servers. Its locates potential migration problems within a C/C++ project, such as source code that might produce different results when run on Power Systems servers.